Update: George Moye European Music Tour


Update: George Moye European Music Tour

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was at a Tuesday night Jam session as Wilebski’s Blue Saloon that I met up with George Moya after touring Europe for a month. I asked George as his friends call him how his music tour went. George shared many stories too many to write about in this blog. What an amazing man.

George is one of my favorite bass guitar players and one of the top ten in the USA. I also find George, who was warm, open, and friendly. George is one of the best mentors to new bass guitar players in the Midwest.

Many of the people George has a mentor go on to be very successful and play in bands. George told me this with a smile on his face and a beautiful heart. George said when he is touring or home doing jam sessions, he is who he is, just plan George. I believe George to be more than just plan. I find him humble and a great extradentary musician.

George took a year off from the band from the first European tour to pursue other things like his new CD and mentoring others. Doing jam sessions and spending time with family and friends are Georges other loves in his life. Music and God are his passion in life.

During his tour, George said it was good that he stopped smoking; he feels better and healthier while traveling and just living life. George also said he can taste food better!

While on his tour he played with the Bernard Allison Group. When in Switzerland one of his friends bought him a real Swiss watch from Switzerland. George said he was humbled and honored to get the watch. He was also in the birth town in Switzerland of one of his friends’ grandmother. George and band toured 29 and did a gig every day. George said this is one of his best tours, and he went into several new countries.

Every town the Bernard Allison Group with George was in it was a packed house. Quite an honor for any band. If you have ever heard this band, you would know why they are so famous worldwide.

Some of the towns the Bernard Allison Group and my friend George have played at are Dortmund Germany, Berlin Germany, Bonn Germany, Cleon France, Pratteln Switzerland, Nantes France, Montelimar France, Twist Germany, Heerlen Netherland, Zaragoza Spain, Verviers Belgium, Pershore United Kingdom, Hamar Norway and many, many more towns in Europe. These towns are just the small list of places they have played their grand music at or are going to play at. George and band toured 9 countries listed on George’s webpage.

George also has a newly recorded music single coming out in April, “All in the Game.” I love the song and more music to come.

You can find out more about The Bernard Allison Group and George at the links below for information on their tour in Europe.


George Moye facebook page


Touring dates, cities and countries website


George Moye homepage



Wilebskis Blues Saloon Facebook page





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