Spotlight: Scottie Miller


Spotlight: Scottie Miller

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when I went to Mancini’s Char House to the book signing of a friend. Scottie Miller was the entertainment that day. The music was a delight. Very light and free with some of the best music done by the keyboard. A very talented man and one of the top 10 keyboard players in the USA. Every note was right on and right on the beat.

I can see why people locally and all over the world like to watch him and listen to him. One of the best male vocalists has heard. I have written about many and heard many. Scottie, as his friends call him, has a broad range of notes and sings with power and steadiness.

I introduced myself to him and what a kind-hearted man to play for a friend’s book signing. I have looked at Scottie’s schedule, he is a very busy man. I also watched from time to time as he had times for his break. Shaking hands and talking to everyone. An amiable and inviting person.

I understand the music was a little different then what he usually plays and sings. A diverse crowd of people at the book signing. Very light but danceable music. Dancers filled up the dance floor. You know music is useful when you fill up the dance floor with dancers.

I give five stars for being on the beat for the keyboard. Five stars for the perfection of voice. Right on tone and rhythm.

To find out more about Scottie Miller and his band, please click on the links below.

Facebook homepage

Facebook personal page

Website for Scottie Miller Band



Mancini’s Char House home page


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