Mayfair 3 Band


Mayfair 3 Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a pleasant Saturday afternoon when I went to Brookside Bar and Grill in the town of, Marine on the Saint Croix, Minnesota. I had a fabulous lunch inside. The wait staff was friendly and accommodating. This was the first music of their outdoor amphitheater for the season of 2019. The band playing that pleasant Saturday afternoon was a new band called Mayfair 3.

The band members are Jim Meier on the drums. I seen and heard him before and is hugely coveted by bands in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. Not only does he play the drums with an extraordinary beat and timing Jim as his friends call him has an exceptional voice for singing. Precise, consistent, reliable and never off note or beat. This afternoon Jim sang a large variety of genres of music and was exceptional. Clearly, the band knows that multitasking is what the group does.

Next is Michael Brisson one of the best bass players in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and five-state area. Tri-lead singer. Excellent lead singer and can sing anything. Mike as his friends calls him sings both lead and blended well. A strong voice that is right on beat and notes. Bass guitar was right on the beat, and Mike had the groove of the music. Mike sings in several bands as both leads and blended. Mike does both very well.

Next for the trio of the band is the lead guitar Michael Pasqualin. Very friendly and the fans loved him a toddler came up to him and Mike as his friends call him to let the little girl play a few notes. The crowd went wild!  What a kind heart. Mike’s voice reminds me of Bruce Springsteen. Smooth but rough notes, then smooth and even tone. He sang solo, and I love the RR songs he sang. Mike sang solo and blended.


Mayfair 3 sang RR (Rock and Roll), Country, Blues, and Americana. Joining Mayfair 3 was the famous Paul Wigen on of the top 10 keyboard players in the USA (pictured on the far right with the white hat). You know a band has to be good when you get heavy hitters’ musicians to play with you at a performance. Paul as his many in the music world calls him plays with the top bands in the Midwest.


Next Mayfair 3 had famous guest musician Ken Wencl. It was a pleasure to hear one of the top 10 harmonica players in the mid-west play as a guest for the band. I have listened to Ken many times at different music events. Always on key and the beat. I can see why when band sees Ken at where they are performing, they always ask him to play the Harmonica. Ken gives the music that extra kick of jazz and tempo in anything he plays.

I love this new band Mayfair 3. Influential and multi-talented trio band. All were right on beat and key for the music they played I give five stars. Not to often you get a smaller group that does it all! Five stars for the drummer. Right on the beat. Five stars for the lead guitar, right on note and beat. Five stars for the bass player, right on the beat, smooth groove both with plucking and strumming.

I’ll be back to see them again. You can see Mayfair 3 in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. Check out on their Facebook page or band webpage. Book music for your party, business, concert or anything in between. By the way, I heard they are booking up fast, I understand that. The new band is a hit and will go far. I see them traveling all over the USA and Canada.



Facebook page



Ken Wencl


Brookside Bar and Grill


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