The Amazing Ms. Courtney Burton in The Court’s in Session


The Amazing Ms. Courtney Burton in The Court’s in Session

By Mitzi Beliveau

If there were ever a fantastic fairytale story of being before a tremendous singer, it would be Ms. Courtney Burton. A breath of fresh, natural singer of Blues, Jazz, and anything she wants to sing is magic! Some may say she sound like Ella Fitzgerald or Whitney Huston; I believe she is in the extraordinaire class not to be compared to anyone.

The smooth sexy voice with great control and emotion in each perfect note and beat. This comes from not only practice but a natural born talented singer. Only the best musicians played that night for a very talented and professional singer.

As I entered the A440 recording studio, I met up with some of the musicians I have met with another Jazz band. That spring evening the men accompanying Courtney, as her friends call her, that night where the very famous musicians. First was Eric Edwald on the piano. Each note was right on if it wasn’t right, it not worth recording. Do it again. Eric as his friends and fan called him fingers glided over the keys with perfection.

Next was Sax, flute, and clarinet exceptional woodwinds musician with a great smile and perfectionist and in the top 10 in the five-state area for woodwinds musicians Rich Goldman.

The bass player and smooth grooves to any music were John Etzell. Keeping the beat and giving the music attitude and emotions. Last is the drummer Ryan Lodgaard, keeping everyone on the beat is essential and a must for Ms. Courtney Burton. Each member playing for the fantastic Ms. Courtney Burton complements her angelic voice that is a shared blessing to anyone who hears her.

Courtney as her friends call her, welcomed everyone there with a smile, hug or handshake. Everyone was there knowing they would not be disappointed. It was a packed house with couples, friends, and family. As the music begins for the recording, everyone was in a trance of pleasure of the best music I heard I’ve years. Everyone smiling and moving to the music and Courtney’s voice.


You know the music is exceptional when people start to dance to the music. There was food, drink, and everything to celebrate with Courtney to her dream now come true, record with the best and produce a great CD. The food was excellent, and the Studio A440 was the right choice for entertaining and professionalism in the music business. I would recommend Studio A440 to any musician or band.


A vibrant and sultry voice that needs perfection in each and every song. I was pleased to be invited to watch an extradentary performance. Courtney’s music also was romantic.  A couple were showing their love with each other and dancing, not many singers can do that. If someone wants to impress their loved one, go to hear Courtney sing.

I would recommend Courtney Burton for parties, conventions, special moments, for business to impress their clients. Always a great music performer who will not disappoint anyone with the variety of music Courtney sings.

I wrote a short note about Courtney in another blog story. I believe Courtney will be touring Europe soon and deserves a full story. What a beautiful and enjoyable experience to be in the presence of The Amazing Ms. Courtney Burton. What a pleasant experience at the Court is in Session presentation with Courtney Burton show and recording.

I give Ms. Courtney Burton five stars for rhythm and beat. Five stars for voice control. Five stars for voice range. Five stars for stage presence. I also give her band members five stars for an excellent performance. A great star needs a great band.

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