The Jim Stairs Band

jim stairs band1

The Jim Stairs Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Saturday winter night when I went to the 201 Tavern Beer Garden and Grill to watch and listen to an amazing band called The Jim Stairs Band. (changed name from Squishy Mud) The lead guitarist and singer is Jim Stairs. Jim as his friends call him is known all over the USA. Jim was also a Judge for the International Blues Contest in Nashville in 2019. Jim Stairs Band is in the top 10 bands in the Upper Midwest is a treat to hear.

Jim is the lead singer and lead guitar. One of the top lead guitars in the five-state area will not disappoint you. Jim has a strong musical voice that can impress the most stubborn music critics. Jim plays rock and roll, blues, country and everything in between. Jim’s guitar sings beautiful music and sounds like the music angels make. Sweet, sweet music.

The lead bass guitar Trent Boldt is the top 5 bass players in the USA. A very gifted musician on the bass guitar. Leading the groove of the music and always on the beat. A well-blended sound and lead for solo parts. We are lucky to have a talented man in our area.

The drummer was Marcus Bohn also a very talented person. Led the band with ever beat and great solo drummer. Again, in the top 10 drummers in the five-state area. Lots of energy and great music!

Last was the keyboard player Jesse Mueller. In the top keyboard player in the area. The music from the keyboard is exceptional. Lots of different techniques used to have the best sound and well-blended music.

The Jim Stairs Band is a must-see band in 2019. One of the top bands in the five-state area and beyond. I will be following this band around for my pleasure of listening and dancing. I can see this band traveling all over the USA and in Europe in the near future. Great job guys!

Five stars for a well-blended band. Five stars for vocals. Five stars for bass guitar blended and solo. Five stars keyboard music solo and blended. Five stars for drums solo and blended.

You can find more about the Jim Stairs Band by clicking on the link below. Also the great food at the 201 Tavern Beer Garden and Grill in Anoka, Minnesota. Great food and service!


The Jim Stairs Band


The 201 Tavern Beer Garden & Grill

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