Spotlight: Joyann Parker Trio


Spotlight: Joyann Parker Trio

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was midweek in the middle of winter when a friend asked me to watch Ms. Joyann Parker at Mancinis Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My friend had seen Joyann as her friends call her several times and loved to listen to her. I agree with my friend, Joyann is someone you can fall in love with her voice. Joyann voice reminds me of a mix of Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline.

Making her own unique voice that stands out above some of the best female voices. A strong and steady voice that is right on tone and beat that vibrates and reaches notes on demand. A real gift that not many singers have. I could feel the emotions in every song she sang, that reaches out to the crowds. Joyann has the voice that could sing well without music in the background. Joyann has a powerful singing voice on her own.

There is more, Joyann played both the lead and rhythm guitar that night. I heard she also plays the keyboard. A very talented singer and musician.

Next in the trio was Mark Lamoine who sang a solo and blended voice with Joyann. Mark as his friends calls him played the lead and rhythm guitar. Marks voice was well blended as a backup singer and was right on note for the solo country song he sang. Mark played the lead guitar right on the beat. That is hard to do without a drummer. Great job Mark!

The third person in the group for the evening was Brad Schaefer. Brad Schaefer played the bass. This was a critical person in this trio. There was no drummer. That leaves it up to the bass player to give the beat and keep the rhythm of the band. Brad, as his band trio called him, was well blended with the two other guitars and kept the trio on the beat. A job is well done to an expert bass player.

The Joyann Parker Trio did superbly with the three blended guitars. Great music came from the guitars that night. Dancers loved the easy music to dance to.

I’m looking forward to seeing Joyann Parker when she has a drummer. The sheer pleasure of music to anyone ears.

Five stars to the bass player for keeping the trio right on the beat. Five stars for the trio blend of guitars. Five stars for the blended voice. Five stars to a strong lead singer, Ms. Joyann Parker.

You can find out more about Joyann Parker by clicking on the links below.


Facebook page


Mancini’s Char House



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