Mount Sion Choir – Video Shallow

Mount Sion Choir – Video Shallow

By Mitzi Beliveau

I have many friends on Facebook. One day someone posted a video of a choir singing a modern song. I was hooked! The Mount Sion Choir sang the song Shallow sung initially by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Solo singers in this video were, Jessica Reinl and Christopher Halligan. I rarely write about music videos, but this video is one of the exceptions.

I can see why my friends wanted me to see this video. These two young people are great singers. Strong voices and right on the beat and tone perfectly. In this video, Christopher Halligan sings the first solo part of the song. A dominant male voice for a young man. Immensely talented as a singer. I can see him expanding to touring with his voice, soon! Christopher Halligan also did a great job blending his voice with Jessica Reinl. Great job Christopher Halligan! You won my heart with your voice!

The other solo singer was Jessica Reinle another strong voice and well-blended singer. A very angelic voice that sings right on the beat and each note to perfection. I can see Jessica Reinle touring for music as her gifted voice will bring her anywhere, she wants to go.

I loved the video, and I was able to listen to two different views of the song. A job well is done, and they are both on their way to stardom for their gifted singing abilities.

Five stars for both on solo singing. Five stars for both on blended voices.

Click on the link below to listen and find out more about this Choir and both the solo singers.



The Video

Facebook page


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