Snapshot: Merideth Puckett

Snapshot: Merideth Puckett 

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was in the wee hours of the morning that I friend of mine posted this video on her music Facebook group. It was a winner of a music video. I loved the smooth strong voice of Ms.Merideth Puckett also known as Merideth Grace, with I think was her mother singing in the background for her. The song she chose was Rolling in The Deep originally a song by Adel.

Here is the video on YouTube. It was recorded in 2015. It was a family video but wowed almost 3 million people.

Merideth Grace has a newer video on YouTube.

Ms. Merideth Grace is still young but has a grown-up voice far past her age. Ms. Merideth Grace was right on beat, tone, and notes. I can see her becoming an international singing sensation.  I see she has several well put together videos on YouTube. Ms. Merideth Grace also won 1st place that the Starts of Tomorrow on 07/25/2018.

I would like to see her live and with a back-up band. Keep expanding your horizons Ms. Merideth Grace and keep on singing.

You can find out more about Merideth Puckett on these links.


YouTube videos homepage


Facebook page

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