Boogie Wonderland


Boogie Wonderland

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a warm, foggy winter night on Saturday. Everyone in my Get Out Get Social Meetup group was restless because of a week of very frigid cold weather. I was glad I was hosting a band called Boogie Wonderland to get everyone out and dancing to some of the best music in the Nation. The group was happy and excited to start the evening.


The place, Route 47 Pub and Grub (known for great music and food) was packed, and even some of my group member of about 67 people were in the standing room only crowd. We were all in for a thrill. What an awesome band that is known for their disco era music. This Saturday night they played Jazz, Funk, a little bit of the Blues along with the Disco music they are known for. The Boogie Wonderland band is known for being one of the top groups for danceable music. The Boogie Wonderland band goes much farther than that.

The Boogie Wonderland band is an all-around great team of well-seasoned professional musicians and singers. Although there are newer members in the band, I can tell they light up with energy when they begin to play. Not many bands can get the audience to sing along and arm movements back and forth. The band had psychedelic lights on the ceiling, on the stage, and into the audience. When the band played and sang,” We are Family,” every one of my group members sang this song. I believe the whole bar sang this song.

The drummer Trenon Graham led the band right on the beat. Never miss any of the beats and dressed in large afro hair and clothes of the disco era. Excellent drummer!

Next is the crucial role is the bass guitar. That was AI. E. a famous bass player that kept the groove of the band and rhythm. AI. E. is one of the best bass players I have heard.

Along with playing the bass guitar AI. E. also sang solos and blended with the other singers in the band. A great soloist with a strong voice.

Next was a lead guitarist who also sang was, Rico Estrada. His guitar sings when he plays every note and rhythm was right on. Great job Rico! Rico, as his friends called him, was also a great singer solo and blended.

On the rhythm guitar was, Donny Summers. Great music coming from his guitar. Never off note or the beat. Donny as his friends calls him sang mostly blended but did a knock out job as that solo parts he did.

The last musician was the keyboard player who also did a solo song as well as blended. Any good keyboard player rounds off the music tone, rhythm, and vibes. St. Patrick did that. I love the techno song St. Patrick sang.

The last performer was the great vocalist Ms. De` Monica Flye. De` Monica as her friends calls her is a very seasoned singer. Great vocals in the lead singing part. De’ Monica was right on with tone and beat to every song.

For blended voices, I give Boogie Wonderland five stars. For bass guitar rhythm, tone and groove, I give five stars. For the drummer, I give five stars the beat was always on time. For lead singer voice, tone and rhythm I give five stars. Overall a great dance band I give five stars. Production and lights five stars. For well-blended guitars, I give five stars. The keyboard play was well blended with the band, I give five stars. Second and third lead singer I give five stars for great solos singing right on beat and notes.

You can find out more about the band on the links below. To find out about Route 47 Pub and Grub click on the link below.


Homepage for Boogie Wonderland

Facebook home page



Route 47 Pub and Grub homepage Facebook

Route 47 Pub and Grub homepage




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