Lamont Cranston Band with Bruce McCabe Concert


 Lamont Cranston Band with Bruce McCabe Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was another Friday night at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon. The place was packed in the excitement to hear the famous band Lamont Cranston Band, who have been celebrated since 1960 with recording after recording hit songs. If you have ever listened to this band, you will be back for more of their smooth rock and roll and blues music. Joining them was the famous keyboard player Bruce McCabe.

I believe this short blog of them does not do them justice to the most excellent music in the USA. They are what I would call the top 10 bands continuously in the continental USA over the many decades.

The leader and main singer Pat (Lamont Cranston) who is the lead guitars and plays the harmonica. There is a saying that fine wine gets better with age, this is so with Lamont Cranston. His voice is smooth, always on beat and tone of the music he sings. Every note on the guitar in the right on with perfections and almost seem effortless and heavenly beautiful.

Next is the drummer extraordinary. With a great smile and attitude that beats in each beat of the drum. A great drummer that keeps the rhythm of the music going.

The lead guitar played well. Each beat and note were right on and blended well with the lead and bass guitar. I could tell he was into each and every note he played. His hand seems to glide over the notes with smooth and ease.


I could feel the bass note and rhythm of the bass, very well on the beat and blended well with the lead and rhythm guitars. The other instrument that is important in the band to keep the beat on track is the bass. Very well executed bass player.

During part of the show, there was a guest appearance by another guitar player who did both lead and rhythm. Another great blend and sound of a big band sound. Excellent musician.

There were at one point two men in the horn sections. A saxophone player and horn player. Both played their notes well. I listen very intensely to see if each were on beat and note. Never were either of them off. They blended very well with the guitars and the keyboard.


Last is Bruce McCabe who played as a special guest of the band. I enjoy hearing him play the keyboard. One of the best keyboard players in the five-state area. Don’t forget you can buy some of their CDs online with the links below.

I give this band five stars for smooth rhythm. Five stars for continuous excellent music throughout the decades. Five stars for great performing vocals, both solo and blended. Five stars for the well-blended music.

You can find out more about this band on the links below. I will be hearing this band in the next few months and more God willing!



Wikipedia webpage


Facebook page


Wilebski’s Blues Saloon



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