Jernbrukarna with Sweden Edvalla Folk Dancers


Jernbrukarna with Sweden Edvalla Folk Dancers

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a midweek river cruise that I experienced the heavenly music and dancing by the Jernbrukarna ensemble band from Sweden and the Edvalla Folk Dancers from Sweden. I was with a group of 56 seniors’ group, and we had just finished eating.

I was so excited when I saw several members of the band pull out their instruments. I just knew I was going to be into a treat. I went over to talk to them, and they did not understand English. I found someone in the group of dancers who could speak some English and asked them for a little information on the band and if I could take pictures.

It was not until the dancers started to dance that I realized they had all travel to America together to play in different towns in Minnesota. I could feel their love of music in each step and note. They laughed, and there was much joy in the air. People from the other levels of the riverboat came to the main level the music and dancing were happening. It was all impromptu. People cheered them on, and I could hear everyone say, who are these people? They are wonderful.

I found out that the dancers are from Swedish provinces of Uppland; Hallnas, Vastland, Skarplinge, Valbo, Tierp, and Osterbybruk. They call themselves the Edvalla Folk Dancers. Each dancer looked like they were floating on air, each one beat and step.

There was a bass cello, guitar, two accordions in the ensemble band Jernbrukana. I could feel the beat in the cello player the lead the ensemble and kept it on the beat. The very joyful music of both accordions was well-blended beat and tone. The guitar was the rhythm well as the accordions; well blended, on the beat on notes.

I hope everyone who can see this group has the enjoyment I did with the music and dancing. Exceptional music and dancing. Sweden has some very talented people that blessed our group with their music and dancing.

I give the ensemble five stars for beat and tempo. Well, blended music I give five stars. For Swedish folk music, I give five stars. I have heard other Swedish Folk ensemble, and I have to say these are the best. I rate them as number 1!


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