Miss Myra and The Moonshiners

miss myra1

Miss Myra and The Moonshiners

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a typical Friday night at Wilebski’s Blues Saloon, and things were about to get very exciting. I had never heard Miss Myra and The Moonshiners, but I loved them after their first song. As it is custom with the dance group I lead, I go out on the dance floor when the first dance starts. Then it is an open invitation for everyone else to come out.

It was the best dance Jazz with a slight blues music of Zydeco culture. I have not listened to that kind of music since I heard bands from Louisiana. Miss Myra sang along with the new drummer and the wind section.

There was fast pace music and the slower south blues music, which by the way is very romantic. I listen to people while they were dancing saying they have never danced so much to great upbeat music. They felt like they were intoxicated to the music. Every upbeat music. High fast tempo music and a few slow Louisiana Blues music.

Miss Myra has a very variety of unique voice sounds, light and soft to the raspy sexy voice that allures the listeners.

Beth, the drummer, was right on the beat. Kept up and never off tempo or rhythm. Beth also has an adorable voice; both as a solo singer and blended. Her voice was always on the note and beat.

Michael, the cello player, was exceptional. I could hear east pluck and note with the tones and tempo blended with the rest of the band.

Sam played the clarinet and didn’t miss a note. Very well blended and out in the open for the few songs when needed. Tones and notes apparent and precise. He also sang with an energetic and upbeat voice.

Next, there was Nathan. He played the horn. Very upbeat and reminded me of the Southern Jazz music I listen to when I am with my cousins. Magnificent voice. Reliable, on tempo and smooth.

Midway through the night Miss Myra and The Moonshiners had an added person in the band. Great music with exceptional voices and upbeat music that kept dancers going all night long.

I give Miss Myra and The Moonshiner five stars for tempo and rhythm. I give Miss Myra, and the Moonshiner five start for solos sang by several of the well-established singers in the band. Five stars for blended voices. I rate this Jazz band, Miss Myra and the Moonshiners in the top ten in the five-state area. I rate Miss Myra and the Moonshiners in the top five in Jazz band the state of Minnesota.

I’ll be back to listen to them. Next time I am bringing my cousins with me. Below you will find out more information about Miss Myra and The Moonshiners.



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Wilebskis Blues Saloon







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