SnapShot: Vinnie Rose


Vinnie Rose

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was with about 20 of my friends eating when I heard music from the other room at Adagio’s Pizza Factory in New Brighton Minnesota. I asked the wait staff who this young talented man was. They had me talk to the manager. Vinnie Rose sings at the New Brighton’s Adagio’s Pizza Factory every Thursday night for several years.

Vinnie, as his friends call him to take request, has his own music he wrote and has CDs. I found his voice to be a strong singer and very adaptable to the different music he sings and plays. Vinnie is a one-man show but pulls off with the best of them. I found Vinnie you be right on the beat and tone very good playing his guitar.

In the Adagio’s Pizza Factory there was an older couple that danced to his music. I could see this happening with more people there. Vinnie does sing very danceable music. I will go back for the food and Vinnie!

I give Vinnie five stars for a strong voice and very adaptable to the various music genre. Five stars for working the guitar in a one-person setup (Vinnie pulls this off well!).

To find more about Vinnie Rose click on the links below.



Vinnie Rose homepage




Adagio’s Pizza Factory




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