Spot Light: Allen Kirk

Allen Kirk

By Mitzi Beliveau

I have been blessed by being friends of my musicians in the Blues and Soft Rock and Roll Motown music. One of those people is a new friend Allen Kirk. Allen, as his friends call him, is one of the best drummers around. With Allen at the drum music happens. If a drummer is not on the beat, it messes the whole song. Allen would never let that happen.

I watch Allen several times start the music off at jam sessions. Everyone waits for him to grab his sticks and hit them together to start the music. No one begins before Allen is ready. Allen starts the tone and the beat of any song.

Anyone who knows Allen also knows his contagious smile. It is as big as the sky. His whole face lights up, and he brings joy to everyone around him.

Allen started playing the drums when he was young. Allen said, “it was a gift.” I just started to play the drums. I had to practice. I practice every day. I had to practice to be good. Allen told me I tell young people now coming into the music world, “If you want to be good, you have to keep playing.” You have to keep it simple. It is not about how much you play it is about how much you don’t play.

Allen said his success is because he plays the drums every day and when he is playing with a band or jam sessions, he looks into the eyes of the people watching and dancing. He feels the moods and touches the spirit in the air. He looks to the people he plays for to get into the groove of the beat.

Yes, the beat and soul of music is in Allen Kirk and leads some excellent music. He has played with Johnny Rawls and Shawn Holt and the Teardrops who won several music awards. I believe we will see Allen much more with many of the great Blues musicians because everyone wants Allen playing with them. Great job Allen! Keep on playing the beat and the heart of music everywhere!

To find out more about Allen Kirk here is a link to his website.

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