Spot Light: George Moye aka Dr. Funk


By Mitzi Beliveau

I met George Moye at a place called Wilbeskis in St. Paul, MN during a jam session. It was a Tuesday Night Jam Session. People refer to Mr. Moye as Dr. Funk. All his friends call him George. George plays the bass guitar with wild tunes that fill the air with love. Every note he plays he plays with passion. He also arranges music.

George comes from a musical family.  George’s twin nephews Russell and Randy al played in a band with him called “The Fabulous Techniques Show Band.”  George’s daughter is also in the music business. A family that is close is they enjoy music together. George has three boys and a daughter.

Dr. Funk (George) said he came from the land of Funk, Ohio but tour Europe with bands and enjoyed a great life with some of the best people in the music business. George has played with Bernard Allison touring Europe. Right now, his gigs are playing Jam Sessions and with Bernard.

George is known in the blues world as a heavy hitter for helping others and mentoring others coming into the community of music. People know where to find him, just follow the laughter that unmistakably George’s infectious laugh. I have never seen George without a smile on his face. If you are sad and you spend any time with George, you will be laughing and having a great time.

I asked George what you would tell people coming in new to the music business?  George said, “Failure is part of success. Just keep going forward. Be yourself and be the best you can be. Celebrate the best you can be.” He said, whom do you admire the most in the music world? You can’t be them, they cannot be you.  You need to work hard every day and be the best you can be. Wise words Dr. Funk!

You can find more about this remarkable man, Dr. Funk on his website link below.


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