CD Review, The Devil May Care by Avey Grouws Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

Very spicy and uplifting music with a bit of jazz and blues mixed with rock and roll. Excellent vocals and music will put everyone listening pleasure in pure loving bliss. Smooth and pure blend and mixed will be the listeners and dancers talking about this CD for a long time.

I was lucky to meet two members of the Avey Grouws Band at a local jam session. I was totally blowen away by their singing and unmatched perfection of the music from their guitars. I’m looking forward to seeing their band often.  One of the songs they sang was from this CD, Dirty Little Secret. Everyone at the jam session was blown away. A lot of cheering and congratulations after they went off the stage area. Now the people at this jam session are the top people in the music business in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Area. We know great music when we hear it!

I see this band going from touring the mid-west to all over the USA. Is Europe next? Yes, I know a great band when I hear one. Working together as one fine machine. Avey Grouws Band and their CD hit The Devil May Care will fit in my blog of the top 5 picks.

I loved all the songs; I could not pick the best. Not many bands have all the songs on their CD as hits. I can see why this CD, The Devil May Care, has been a hit in 2020 and beyond. Top music professionals know great music.

You can find out more about the CD The Devil May Care by Avey Grouws Band on these website links. I recommend this CD. A good deal for so many top hits on one CD. Don’t forget to follow the Avey Grouws Band!


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