By Mitzi Beliveau

Everyone once in a while, a life-changing event changes your heart, mind, and soul. For much of America and myself, the date 9-11 brings us back to terror, disbelief, and helplessness.

Every year many states, cities, and counties in the USA have something to remember 9-11. Nationally, most presidents have also helped something to commemorate 9-11. Commemorate the deaths of many people by terrorists.

In our metro area this year in 2022, on 9-11, we have several involved in a free event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bob Arndt and the NEW MR WINKY band will be one of the lead singers/bands at this event. Here is the practice before the event.

I wish to thank everyone involved in this event with my heart-filled thanks.

Here is the event posted on Facebook.

Bob Arndt and the NEW MR WINKY band link

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