The New Feral Cats

The New Feral Cats

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was October and the month that I loved watching bands at the Haunted Experience in Minnesota. One of my favorite bands is The New Feral Cats. With all very talented band members. I get goosebumps with some of the songs that the main singer Sonna Olson sings. One of the best singers I have ever heard.

Many friends of Sonna will tell you she has a warm heart and is open about everything in her life. Her voice is as big as life and emotional. You feel the great vibes in her voice and the songs. Maybe that Is why everyone is so much in love with Sonna.

Another great singer in the band is John Garden. John also has his band and has a benefit every fall on a boat cruise. A great bass player in The New Feral Cats as well. No wonder so many bands ask him to play with them when they see him—great soul, as a musician and singer.

Next, there is a musician and amazing singer Ross William Perry. Ross also has his band as a very accomplished lead guitar player. Smooth and right on beat and notes.

The keyboard player and accordion player, Mick Zampogna, Mick amazes his listeners with style and tempo for the songs he plays. Great job, Mick!

The regular drummer was not here that evening, and there was a replacement for that evening. The guest drummer name is Yoji Sera. I don’t have him picture but Yoji is in the videos. Yoji never practice with the band and did very well.

The New Feral Cats sing blues, rock and roll, classic rock and roll, jazz, country and western, and old tunes.

Here are a few videos of the music that night. I hope you enjoy them.

You can find out more about the band by clicking on their Facebook page. Book them if you are local!

To go to The Haunting Experience, you can find them online

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