Heart2 Perform Booking Agency LLC – Sarah Arbisi

Heart2 Perform Booking Agency LLC – Sarah Arbisi

By Mitzi Beliveau

Every once in a while I meet extraordinary people. Sara Abisi is one of them. Or Sarah as many of her friends call her. I always remember her contagious smile and friendliness.

I find that Sara is very much like me, wanting to help others and the love of live music. With COVID still a bit in our midst, I did an online interview and live chat. In Sara’s own words I asked her to tell me a little bit about herself.

How did you get started in promoting bands Sara?

“Five years ago I started with one band. I had no idea this is something I was going to get into.

I had a friend that reached out to me who is the founder of a Christian nonprofit. I was dating a guitarist at the time. She asked me if I knew of any bands for her nonprofit fundraiser and I said yes one Hornucopia

But I wasn’t Booking. They might have just suggested the band and told her that they were going to be at the Edina art fair in a come-by.

She absolutely love them and hired them and I said to Kevin Thomas who is the van later you guys are really good you You should reach out to Birch’s on the lake. Then he looked at me and said why don’t you do it? Then he had a band called Looking Bacharach Which was a Tribute to Bert Bacharach and I started reaching out to book for that one.

He was at 318 cafe and I was schmoozing with the people there. The people there had a large 18 person party that I drew from Dress Barn where I worked out. I chatted about the music that I was involved in and the gal that was coming in looking for a dress said they were having a birthday party for their husband.

Through talking about the live music and everything I told him about the band that was going to be at 3:18 and she said oh my god my husband loves that band. So not only did I sell Her address that day, that was very Much like that period. Of the band I filled over half of 318 cafes with their birthday party. Kevin looked at me after he saw me mingling with the people he smiled at. He said I think you found your wheelhouse.”

What are some of the bands you help promote or help book gigs for? Tell us a little more about what you do?

CaptianDanmusic https://www.facebook.com/wheelhouse123

“Captain Dan called me the other day letting me know he is getting a ton of requests to book him and could I take over the booking, I booked Dan and Mark Vandermelentradt from the Still water area over at Sovereign Wine Estates in Waconia two years ago for the opening of the Christmas lights events, unfortunately it was a very bad ice storm three families showed up but, they put on a great show.”

Centerville All Stars Band 


Emily Marrs Band https://emilymarrs.band/

“The Express Band, however I have not been able to book them yet Barry does a great job and his year has filled up and will move forward on booking him for 2022.” http://theexpressband

Flying Trainwreck http://www.flyingtrainwreck.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Xt_AcBpOirVvWUMWgJn89VBvuKiHDtfCWK7qI2oK-ZRKKWhfRIMJtgQs

Funktion Junction https://funktionjunction.org

Hot Brockoli https://hotbrockoli.com

Lena & The Love Kills https://lenaandthelovekills.com/

MoeDeLL https://moedell.net/home

Retro Soul & WestSide Horns Ft. Big Mike https://retrosoulthewestsidehorns.com

Rubber Monkeys https://www.rubbermonkeysband.com/

Sawyer’s Dream http://sawyersdream.com

Scrapegoat Skin & Bones http://www.scrapegoatproductions.com

Street Talk Band http://www.streettalkband.com/

Skippin Stones http://www.russellsmusic.com/

Sons of Groove https://www.facebook.com/Sons-of-Groove-344316462283497/

Southern Express Band https://southernexpressbandmn.com/home

Sub Level 6 https://www.sublevel6.com/

Sumo Seven https://www.sumoseven.com/home

UnderGroove https://theundergroove.com/

Up South https://upsouthband.com/about-us

“A Spoonful of Love” https://www.facebook.com/ASOLBand

Hornucopia http://kevinthomasproductions.com/hornucopia/

Ledfoot Larry https://www.ledfootlarry.com/

Two Right Brains https://www.facebook.com/Two-Right-Brains-153878798551515/

Do you manage these bands?

“Depends on the band. I am not formally managing but there are facets it seems like it and I also promote as well.  I am booking the bands. I also go out to the gigs and network.  I have assisted with finding sound/tech etc…”

The Lonesome Losers-A Tribute to Yacht Rock http://thelonesomelosers.com/

“The Yachtable Mentions (Trio from The Lonesome Losers-A Tribute to Yacht Rock). Two male vocalists and Female vocalist.”

Shufflecats https://www.reverbnation.com/markanthonyshufflecats

MADD Company https://www.maddcoband.com/

Tell Us a little more about you and the bands you help? Can you give us an example?

“The Recreations representative Paige at the City of Hastings said that I go above and beyond and she knows that she can call me to get the answer.  I want to make sure things are running smoothly and if not I will do what I can to help out.”

“Some things are beyond my control but, it is team work with myself, the venues and the bands.”

What do you want to to be known as and what are your goals for yourself and the bands? 

“I want to be known as a musical community representative and not an agent.”

“Finding gigs entails researching and going outside of the box.  I don’t want to sit and just get calls as much as that is GREAT, I want to make sure I offer interesting, talented music to cities and venues while offering cool and interesting places for the bands to go.  Bars are great and supporting live music and local business to help get everyone back on their feet but, I also want to offer new experiences and connections for the bands/artists.”

“I am non exclusive also, makes it more fun that way and gives the bands/artists an opportunity to connect and lock in gigs for themselves.  Some bands have other agents they are working with.”

End of interview.

An amazing list of bands and working with venues to create an amazing music adventure for bands, venues and fans! Thank you Sara for what you do.

You can find out more about Sara and the many bands she has helped along the way. Click on the link below. Thanks Sara!


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