Top Music Awards 2020

Top Music Awards Recognition 2020 In The Twin Cities and Not In Twin Cities

By Mitzi Beliveau

The title has changed because the music entertainment has changed. Being creative in our music and the way we share as entertainers has changed. I have the following winners of this year’s awards, fan based readership. Two different areas, Twin Cities and not in the Twin Cities areas music. This music blog site was read in 36 different counties in 2020.

There are so many more who could have been added. Because of COVID-19 they were not able to perform or I was unable to see. You are in our hearts, mind and soul. Keep sharing your healing music in the way that you do. 

The Honor Award 2020 Goes to: All in The Music Business


Local Twin Cities Music Awards

Top Production Company, Twin Cities 2020: JF Music Productions

Top Radio Host Twin Cities 2020: Jacquie Maddix-Lady J Maddix, FKAI 90.3 FM

Top Jam Session West Metro 2020:  Shaws Open Jam, Shaws Bar, Minneapolis, MN

Top Jam Session East Metro 2020: Red Hot Rockin Blue Jam, Welch Big Ten Tavern, Arden Hills, MN

Top Online Music Live Stream Rock and Roll Classic 2020: Joe Flip

Top Online Stream County 2020: Tim Sliger

Top Online Stream Smooth Music Mixed 2020: Jamison Murphy

Top Band for 2020: Free and Easy

Top Mix Music Band 2020: Helium For LiftOff

Top Rock and Roll Band 2020: The New Feral Cats

Top Blues Band 2020: The Ross William Perry Band 

Top Rock and Roll Classic Band 2020: The Midas Touch 

Top Country Band 2020: Tim Sigler Band

Top Community Band 2020: The Goombas

Top Bar Band 2020: The Bogey’s Lounge Blues Band

Top Duo, County 2020: Joshua Klayda with Mike Poot

Top Military Band, Rock and Roll 2020: 34 Red Bull Infantry Division Band

Top Male Singer, Blues 2020: Craig Clark, of the Craig Clark Band

Top Female, Blues Singer 2020: Bambi Alexandra, of the Bambi Alexandra Band

Tom Female Rock and Roll Singer, 2020: Kalliah Jackson, of Kalliah and BlackWater Band, and various other bands

Top Male Rock and Roll Singer, 2020: James Blackstad, with The Smokin Whiskey Band 

Top Male Classic Rock Singer, 2020: James Huchington

Top CDs in Twin Cities

Top CD, Heavy Metal 2020: 2020 Outlaw Saint [RE] Vision (S), Band Outlaw Saints 

Top CD, Country 2020: Swinging Country Band and Guest, Swing County Band

Top CDs, Blues and Smooth Music 2020: This Is What I Do, and, Tony Wanted to Make a Record, Ted Hajnasiewicz

Top CD, Folk Music 2020: Master Key, Elizabeth Lockhart

Top Music Videos 2020 Twin Cities

Top Video, Rock and Roll 2020: The Smokin Whiskey, Band Live Concert,

Top Video, Blues 2020: Mark Arneson Band with Mia Door “Clarion Call”, at the A440 Studio 

Awards Not in The Twin Cities Area

Top Rock and Roll Band 2020: The ZackaryZ, Wisconsin

Top Video Not in Twin Cities Area

Top Rock and Roll Video 2020: David Kyles, Girl Crush, Florida

Top Covid-19 video 2020: Hello (From the inside), Chris Mann, California 

Top Music Videos for Exercise:  Jay Lavery, New York

Top Live Stream Not in The Twin Cities

Country Live Stream 2020: Tim Sigler at Ziggys in Hudson, Wisconsin

Top Blues Live Stream 2020: Tommy Bent, River Falls, Wisconsin 

3 thoughts on “Top Music Awards 2020

  1. Wow – like the expanded list. Thrilled to on it this year. I’m hoping 2021 will have us all out there making live music again – if not in the first half, perhaps safely in the second half.

    When Helium for LiftOff started playing out in January 2019, we didn’t really get our wheels under us until May – yet those next 7 months were amazing. A lot can happen in half a year.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. First thank you for the award .This was a rough year for all us as you all know. Hopefully 2021 will be a bit kinder on us all..I,m thrilled to be even a thought to receive this award . Without my Band Mates I wouldn’t be here and all the outside support..Merry Christmas Love,Rock & Roll …The Smokin Whiskey Band…


  3. Thank you so much for honoring The New Feral Cats. Making music and performing makes life so much more fun. It’s hard work that reaps an immeasurable reward! Can’t wait till we can all “get back out there”


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