David Kyles Video Review

David Kyles Video Review

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a family member that told me about David Kyles songs and I did a search and found David Kyles on YouTube. I began to watch and listen to his videos on YouTube. I have to say I loved his smooth sexy voice that was like listening to the angels singing. 

Singing light smooth rock and roll, easy listening music, a bit of country and all around great music to listen to. Added to David Kyles list is techno music. A very talented man.

Girl Crush was my favorite. All David Kyles videos are amazing genius and perfect feelings we can all identify with. Here is the link to it below. A smooth and gentle voice that is right on the notes and tempo of the song. Truly a love song. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It is now on my favorites list for music.

The multi talented David Kyles is now one of my favorite singers. There isn’t a music video I didn’t like. Sometimes very talented singers never get the “big break” they need to be worldwide. Well known already, but I feel David Kyles could be performing all over the world.

Whiskey Words is the second video I liked.

A great singer and performer. Check him out, buy his music and maybe book him for your party, convention, or event. 

The other video I like was techno music Abracadabra (Limpi Remix)

You can find out more about him and more of his videos by clicking on his YouTube page.



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