Spot Light: Mike Brisson

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Mike Brisson: Spot Light

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a fall day along the winding road of the countryside, I stopped to listen to a local concert; A small town on the St. Croix River. Cars were parked along the way, in all the parking lots and in the grassy areas Somehow, I knew I was into a great time with this new band I had never heard before; called Armadillo Jump.

I met a few friends who had seen this band many times and knew some of the people in the group. I was introduced to by a few members just before they were ready to play. I sat down and felt a fantastic dream-like euphoria. The sound of the blues drew me into a world that magic of movement a whole-body experience. I could feel the bass guitar along with my heartbeat. This was the first time I had heard Mike Brisson. Little did I know I would get to know this man well.

Mr. Brisson asked me to call him Mike as many in the Blues community call him. Early in the interview, Mike said he did not come from a musical background but grew into it by the love of music in his heart. He started performing in Junior High School for the school dance with friends. As years went by he was in a band called the Twiggs then a band called Star. One of his favorite bands was, Nothins Easy.

After several bands and traveling, Mike came home. His love has always been and will always be music. After work, he found his first wife and had two beautiful children. He worked to provide for his family and did part-time music and playing in the bands on weekends. After divorcing Mike worked hard and continued to work weekends playing guitar in the bands.

It wasn’t too long that this loving man found his now beautiful wife and love of his life. He took time off playing in the bands for a decade or so before returning to his love of music in the band life circle. Mike and his wife made sure they had some time in the wilderness of Wisconsin to refresh their mind, body, and soul. After this time of renewal, Mike was ready to get back to the music world. He did many Jam sessions with friends. Meeting many people in the Blues and Rock and Roll community.

Mike then told me he saw an ad for the Armadillo Jump band. After going back and forth about it, he did an audition for bass guitar and vocalist. Mike is very a talented man and the lead person for this band called him before he even got home that day.  Mike continued to do Jam sessions with where he met the lead person in Squishy Mud, it was not long after that he was asked to be a bass guitar and vocalist for this band. Mike now was in two bands and enjoying the life of a loving woman and playing for two awesome bands.

It was not by accident that at a benefit for the hurricane victim of 2017 many people know Mike and saw he was a friend of mine. They asked how I knew him? Many stories later they told me how Mike has helped others and been with them through troubling times. They all told me he is an extraordinary man. I believe that.

As a twist of life, I met Mike’s sister in a meetup group, and we are now best friends and see Mike in both of his bands. Best of luck Mike. With all that talent, joy, and love to give to your fans, I see healing works in every song you sing and play.

You can find Armadillo Jump Band facebook page here:

Squishy Mud Band facebook page here:

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