Spot Light: Jim Stairs

jim s 1Spot Light with Jim Stairs

By Mitzi Beliveau

I first met Jim Stairs at a place called Wilebskis Blues Saloon in St. Paul, MN. I was with a large group of people dancing. I looked up as saw this man magically produce the most beautiful music from his guitar. I watched his finger glide over the strings like ice skates over ice. Smoothly and gentle. Ever since that time I have tried to see this band called Squishy Mud every chance I get.

Jim Stairs asked me to call him Jim as many of his friends in the Blues community does.  I have met many people in the Blues community, and everyone seems to know Jim. Along with being a great lead guitarist and lead singer, Jim helps with other events like Jam Sessions at Wilebskis Blues Saloon and Hollihan’s in White Bear Lake MN. Supporting and leading different Blues and Soft Rock and Roll musicians and singers practice. Sometimes new musicians get their chance to play with a band looking for someone to help in their band. This is all thanks to Jim who is a mover and shaker in the local music world in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.

Jim is not the only one in his family with musical talent. His Aunts had guitars for him to practice on as a youth. Jim’s first band was when he was 19 or 20 years old he said. It was right out of high school. Jim then joined Squishy Mud in 1996.

Jim’s younger brother also played in Squishy Mud, music honestly does seem to run in Jim’s family.

Jim was married and had a family he stopped playing in the band and took on the responsibilities of a loving family for a few short years. Jim always yearned for the life of music in the band. He then returned to his love of music back with Squishy Mud.

Jim was divorced and is now remarried to his present, a loving wife whom I watch give the best smiles to him that makes him float when he sees her. You can tell the two of them genuinely do love each other.

Jim works as an independent contractor in the home construction one of his other joys in his life. Jim told me with a big smile he loves to work with his hands and create things.

Jim is presently working on a CD with his own music. With his talent for singing, playing the magic of his guitar, I believe he will have a great hit on his hands. People who listen to him on his guitar are mesmerized with incredible and excellent music.

Thank you, Jim Stairs for being the first, Spot Light of my Music Blog. Let your magic fingers glide throughout the world with the best music around.

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Spot Light: Jim Stairs


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