Brother Jon and Frensz 1

Music Review, Reason to Live By Mitzi Beliveau Reason to Live takes me back to the slower and easier lifestyle of romance. The Southern blues song with well-blending music and the lead voice of Jon Rabideux blended extraordinary blending in with Casey. Casey and Jon create hit after hit with each song they do. For … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 1

Brother Jon and Frensz 2

Music Review, Road to Memphis By Mitzi Beliveau An upbeat blues song with the raspy voice of Jon Rabideaux as the lead singer with Casey Frensz blending it, making a complete song for your listening enjoyment. You can never go wrong with this duo when they get together, people gather, lots of people gather to … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 2

Brother Jon and Frensz 3

Music Review, Dog2 By Mitzi Beliveau Upbeat music by Casey Frensz and Jon Rabideaux. Well, blended music and singing. One hit after another with this duo. You can lose with anything that comes with magical music, the creators of Casey and Jon. This song is the song that would reach many genres of music as … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 3

Brother Jon and Frensz 4

Music Review, Always Going to Be Here JBF By Mitzi Beliveau As the music starts with your harmonica solo, it brings you into dreamland. Then blends in the music and singing of a southern blues tune. A great hit to hit the road with. I’m not surprised if this is another one of the duo … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 4

Brother Jon and Frensz 5

Music Review, 4th of July 12 String By Mitzi Beliveau A very upbeat song about a loved loss. Not a slow song as you might imagine but upbeat music that keeps your feet tapping and your head bobbing! A great duo of singers and musicians that blend well together. 4th of July 12 String is … Continue reading Brother Jon and Frensz 5