The Express Band

By Mitzi Beliveau It was an evening with friends that I went to see some of my friends in the Express Band band. I have heard them many times, but now they have a new female singer. So I had to check them out! Nelsen’s Sports Bar & Grill was packed with followers of the … Continue reading The Express Band

Paul Stewart

Of The Paul Stewart Show By Mitzi Beliveau This all started with a friend uploading a few songs that Paul Stewart sang. The songs were on Facebook. I was amazed by the smooth and magical voice of Paul Stewart. As I sat and listen to him sing with one of his band’s mates, I saw … Continue reading Paul Stewart

Heart2 Perform Booking Agency LLC – Sarah Arbisi

Heart2 Perform Booking Agency LLC - Sarah Arbisi By Mitzi Beliveau Every once in a while I meet extraordinary people. Sara Abisi is one of them. Or Sarah as many of her friends call her. I always remember her contagious smile and friendliness. I find that Sara is very much like me, wanting to help … Continue reading Heart2 Perform Booking Agency LLC – Sarah Arbisi