CD Review, Tell Tale Heart by Avey Grouws Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

From the first song on this CD, Love Raining Down, I wanted to get on the Roof Top Café and start singing and dancing. I’ve never had this experience with any CD. A powerful CD, Tell Tale Heart by Avey Grouws Band. Love and life by the songs in this CD with influential singers and perfect musicians make this a must-have CD.

Start the party and end the party with CD, Tell Tale Heart. A soulful and powerful music mix of blues, Rock and Roll, and Jazz. Dance all night while listening to each song. Then, one by one, the hit sweet music sound is in my heart. I kept hearing, Tell Tale Heart by Avey Grouws Band all night long, over and over. I now listen to it in my car everywhere I go. Another CD hit for Avey Grouws Band. I know this band has won awards for this CD. I understand why. One of the best CDs I have heard since Avey Grouws Band’s last CD.

I would say this CD, Tell Tale Heart by Avery Grouws Band, will win an award on my music blog site at the end of 2022.

You can find out more about Avery Grouws Band and this CD on the website below. Also, don’t forget to go to one of their local music gigs in your area. I heard them. Unique and powerful and gives shivers up and down your spine with the hairs on your arm sticking up.


Home website

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