Bobby’s Blues, By Brother Jon Band CD Review

By Mitzi Beliveau

Bobby’s Blues, By Brother Jon Band, by one of my friends Jon Rabideaux and friend. I met Jon, as his friends called him, at the Blues Saloon in Saint Paul several years ago. The CD was produced in 2015. I listened to the CD song Bobby’s Blues by Brother Jon Band. The link is here a the bottom of the page. Although it was produced in 2015, it is a long-lasting song that goes through the ages.

Well written and produced with amazing music. I could hear the bass and the soul of the music, and singer Jon Rabideaux is extradentary diverse and entertaining he’s wow anyone who loves blues, RR, local Minnesota music, and Jazz!

This song, Bobby’s Blues, fills my heart and makes me dance. This song gave me goosebumps when I heard it for the first time! How awesome is that? I wish I had heard this song in 2015; I know I would have written about it then. The amazing thing is I heard it in late May of 2022, and I love it! I recommend anyone buy this CD. You can hear the song here.


I also recommend that if you get a chance, see this band live!

You can find the Brother Jon Band here:

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