Paul Stewart

Of The Paul Stewart Show

By Mitzi Beliveau

This all started with a friend uploading a few songs that Paul Stewart sang. The songs were on Facebook. I was amazed by the smooth and magical voice of Paul Stewart.

As I sat and listen to him sing with one of his band’s mates, I saw in person the joy and love that perennated the two places I saw him sing and play his guitar. I have to say, Paul, as his friends call him, has the best voice I have heard in the male members of bands I have heard in my lifetime. Yes, the very best male voice I have heard.

A pure tone and hitting each note and timing to perfection. I even asked Paul, to go to America’s Got Talent. I felt Paul is that good to compete and win!

Over the years I have heard hundreds of male singers. Paul is number one and very far from anyone else I have heard. That is a lot to say.

Paul has a performance called The Paul Stewart Show. With other band members. I only had the honor of hearing the other guitarist and singer Jim Craig. Jim Craig has his one voice and presence on stage. As I talk to Jim as he is known to the music community. Jim said it was an honor to be on stage with Paul, he has real talent. Yes, Jim, Paul does have talent.

I could say that Paul was sent from Heaven with his voice from beyond the normal realms of humans. Given to us here on Earth as a gift. A humble man with grown-up children on his own and wowing anyone who hears him. I’m sure many women go into a dream state listing to him. Ah, what a beautiful voice.

Paul also pick-up with magic! I asked him what that was all about. It seems when his son was younger, Paul bought his son a magic kit as a Christmas gift. Paul’s son was not interested. After a few years, Paul used that magic kit and he received the talent of doing magic. Paul started doing it for others than owning a store. It was successful at first, but in the small town, he was in, the business when downhill, and Paul decided to get out of the magic business.

I saw Paul sing in Dan Patch Legion in Savage Minnesota and Cy’s Bar and Grille in Chaska, Minnesota. Paul sings Blues, Rock, and Country of the 50s and 60s. I also see him singing show tunes if he wanted to, Paul’s voice is very versified.

Below is a list of some of the songs Paul sang the two nights I saw him. My recordings are not professional.

Paul Stewart plays in the Midwest Area of the USA. Look up where he is playing on his Facebook page or book him for your event

Paul Steward Show Facebook page

The two places I saw the Paul Steward Shows were:

Dan Patch Legion Facebook page

Cy’s Bar and Grille Facebook page

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