Snapshot: Bruce McCabe


Snapshot: Bruce McCabe

By Mitzi Beliveau

One of the best keyboardists in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area is Bruce McCabe. An excellent and talented man. When people get wind that he might be playing somewhere in a band, they call up the establishments to make sure he will be there. Bruce McCabe has a large following of admirers of his talent and music.

I find Bruce McCabe to be a shy and humble man who definably comes alive with his music. Bruce McCabe could be on his own and tour the USA and abroad as a one-man show. His music is like magic, and the beat and blends on the keyboard are exceptionally well executed. He has an excellent powerful voice that comes out of hiding when he sings. I would like to see more of him singing as well.

I give Bruce McCabe five stars in the singing tone, beat, and smoothness. I give Bruce McCabe five stars for an exceptional keyboard player.

Two of the bands Bruce McCabe plays in is Steve V and the Knockouts and Lamond Cranston Band. You can find out more about Bruce McCabe at these links below. One of his music videos posted below also.


Bruce McCabe video

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