Squishy Mud Band

sqishy mud2

Squishy Mud

By Mitzi Beliveau

Once in a while, you meet people who change your life. I feel that with the Band Squishy Mud. Four of the members of this band are great friends of mine. Yes, bands love it when I come, write about them and bring large groups, but when your life is upside down, and they support you, you know you have friends.

Squishy Mud is led by Jim Stairs one of my bro’s. A star in the blues community. Always helping others. One of the best leads guitar player in the USA. Yes, I mean that. Every time Jim plays you feel the energy in his music and songs. He loves to walk around and fill the power with love with the people on the dance floor or sitting watching the music. Jim’s can make his guitar sing and wow all those who listen.

Next is my bro Michael who plays the bass guitar. He is always on tempo and tone. Filling the air with love and healing energy. His voice is still magical, and people begin to dance. Michael is a great bass player and wanted by many other bands for his many talents.

On the keys is the famous and loveable Paul! Paul is another one of my bro’s. OMG, what a sexy raspy voice the ladies fall in love when he sings. He is one of the Hall of Fame bests for the Blues and Rock and Roll. He could go on stage by himself and be best ever. I watch and listen to him play some magical and gorgeous music. I am often in awe of his music he sings and plays.

Jim is the drummer. Singer and drummer extraordinaire! Always on the beat and leads the band before some of the songs. Another band member who is coveted by other groups because of his many talents to any ensemble. Also, another one of my bros who warm heart touches many people, and it shows in every beat of every song the drums in.

Last is Chris who plays the saxophone. He is newer to this band for about two years. Always on tempo and music is beautifully controlled with mystified and beautifully blended in soothing sounds.  Chris is well fitted and in the great company of the best of the best in the Nation of Blues Music. If you have not seen Squishy Mud, you have missed great music and fun times. I can see this whole band being in the Minnesota Hall of Fame for Blues Music soon!

If you want to know more about these remarkable men and how you can see their next gigs, below are links. I give Squishy Mud five stars for entertainment. Five stars for tone and rhythm. Five stars danceable music.  Five stars for outstanding performance.


Squishy Mud Facebook



Also, the other facebook page






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