Spot Light: Robert Elwood

robert elwood

Spot Light: Robert Elwood

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a hot summer Sunday in July that I am hosting a few friends at the Lumber Yard Pub in Afton Minnesota. We were there to see my longtime friend Robert Elwood. It was hot and steam near the River, but traffic was light, and the outside patio was the perfect spot for a late afternoon meal, drinks, and music.

Robert has been a singer and musician for a long time. He loves to sing and play Beatles music and other songs from the 60 – present time. I have heard him sing older songs. He also does request. Robert is a one-man band with his guitar and electronic gadgets that help his voice sound like two people singing at one time.

Robert as his family and friends call him has his own soft romantic voice that soothes your soul while your singing along with his songs. You can request just about any song of the pop music of the last few decades, and Robert knows it. Robert will sing romance, light rock, ballad, 60, the 70s, and 80s music.

The guitar flows with the sound of an era that is gone by and lifts your spirits. Robert is always on beat, and the rhythm of the music flows into the neighborhood. If Robert does not know the song, you request he will learn it. Robert also has a large following of people of all ages. His talent has not gone unnoticed throughout the decades he has been singing. If you are looking for smooth music to uplift your evening, Robert Elwood is the person to go see.

Robert when on his breaks always mixes and mingles with the people who come out to watch and listen to him. He does have a warm heart for people, and it shows in his music. A steady beat of music and entertainment for any pub or restaurant. I wish I had more time to see him sing and play his guitar. I have had as many as 30 people come to listen to him at the small venues he places at. Word does follow that he is the man to listen to and bring your friends to have a great time.

I always love listing to Robert Elwood. I’ll be back soon to listen to him with more friends. For smooth music and romance entertainment, I give Robert five stars. For voice and tempo, I give Robert five stars. Keep on singing and playing my friend!

Robert does not have a fan webpage, but I will keep you up to date when he does get a page.

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