Roddy or Not Band, Rock Camp Experience, One of Four


Roddy or Not Band, Rock Camp Experience, One of Four

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when I went to the Dog House Bar and Grille in Maplewood, Minnesota. It is good to hear great musicians and singers whose dream are to be a part of a Rock band. I find many gifted musicians and singers whenever I go to a Rock Camp Experience event.

Rock Camp Experience is for people wanting to be in a band. Rock Camp Experience is a small business that helps people with their dream/bucket list.  I wrote about one opportunity a few months back. This is an adult rock camp for adults with people coming from all levels of musical talent. Go to their links below to find out more about the Rock Camp Experience.

This Rock Camp Experience band is called Roddy or Not. A wonderful group of six people. Rebecca Dudley, who was the lead singer. Keyboard player and backup singer was Laurie Etchen. Brian Toms Lead guitar and Scott Dressler rhythm guitar. Bass was Jan Pierce. Last is drummer Roger Dumas.


Both singers Rebecca and Laurie are well blended together in signing. The best song this Rock Camp band played and sang to perfection was, “I Don’t Want Talk About It.” By Rod Stewart. All were very much into the music and the words. I felt like I was at a professional concert.

All well-blended musicians and singers. They did it all in four weeks. Awesome! Keep on singing and playing music. We all need gifted people like you. Music is healing.


Rock Camp Experience Homepage

Facebook page


The Dog House Bar and Grille home page

2 thoughts on “Roddy or Not Band, Rock Camp Experience, One of Four

  1. Being part of a rock band is a great feeling. What a wonderful thing this group does for those who may have never had the opportunity. Are there any special requirements?


    1. I have a link to the Rock Camp Experience. Just click on the link and find out more information. I have heard a few people started from scratch.


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